The process of applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be overwhelming, and requires the submissions of specific information and documentation.

Most Tennessee residents don’t plan on becoming disabled during their career. Studies reported by the Social Security Administration show, however, that one in four 20-year-olds will face disability before they reach the age of 67. People who become disabled may face problems when it comes to working, paying bills and supporting their families. Social Security Disability Insurance offers financial assistance to people who qualify for benefits. For some people, SSDI benefits can make a significant difference in the way people are able to live their lives.

Qualifying for benefits

When processing an SSDI claim, the SSA will look at the following factors to ensure the applicant is qualified for benefits.

  • Is the applicant able to work? People who work and make more than $1,070 a month are not eligible for benefits.
  • Is the applicant’s condition severe? The condition must interfere with the applicant’s ability to work.
  • Is the applicant’s condition listed on the SSA’s list of disabling conditions? There are certain conditions that may entitle an applicant to expedited claim processing through the Compassionate Allowances Program or Quick Disability Determinations. People who have a condition not listed as approved may be ineligible for benefits.
  • Is the applicant able to do any type of work? If the applicant is able to work in a field that is different from his or her original line of work, they may be ineligible for benefits depending on the circumstances of the case.

Once a person is considered eligible, they can begin filling out the application for benefits.

Submitting the application

There is a myriad of information that applicants need when filling out their SSDI paperwork. For some, the SSDI process can be a bit overwhelming. On top of an applicant’s basic information, the SSA requires the names, addresses and numbers of all medical professionals and facilities that treated the patient. Medication information, medical records, laboratory test results, employment information and federal tax information is also needed.

Although Tennessee residents can file an application for Social Security Disability benefits on their own, many choose to partner with an established lawyer. An attorney may be able to ensure your application is filled out correctly the first time, which may reduce the likelihood that your request will be denied. An attorney can also be extremely helpful in gathering information, records and documents as well. This may also help to avoid a lengthy appeals process and help you get your benefits as soon as possible.

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