We can effectively help guide veterans through SSD claims

by Feb 15, 2014Frequently Asked Questions

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Veterans sacrifice many things when they put their lives and health on the line for the good of the country. For that reason, many programs and agencies aim to provide benefits and services to veterans who have returned from serving in the armed forces. The Social Security Administration is no exception. It recognizes the many issues–health, financial and social–that military service has on veterans and the likelihood that many veterans will qualify for SSD benefits due to a war-related injury. As a result, it has several programs in place to make the application process easier and faster for veteran applicants.

Our office is aware of the special treatment given to veteran applicants and can help ensure that your claim is effective and timely processed. The SSA provides for special expedited processing of disability claims for certain veterans. The general requirement for this expedited processing is that the veteran applicant became disabled on or after October 1, 2001, while on active military service. In addition, the SSA makes expedited processing available to veterans who have received a compensation rating of 100% from the VA.

We understand that, due to the range of benefits potentially available to veterans, it can be difficult to navigate the different eligibility requirements and application processes of the various programs. We also understand that many veterans have questions about the connection bewteen veterans and social security disability, as well as military pay, family benefits, Medicare, benefits received from the VA and other benefits.

Our goal in working with clients is to answer questions as completely as possible and give our clients the assurance that we are working with them to obtain the compensation to which they are entitled. We work closely with individuals during the application process, advising them of important and relevant information to help them prepare the application. For more information on how we can assist veterans with the Social Security disability program, please visit our Social Security Disability page.