What documents may be needed to apply for disability benefits?

by Aug 23, 2016

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Applying for Social Security disability benefits can be overwhelming, especially if you are already in poor health. Fortunately, these days it is possible to apply for SSD benefits online from the comfort of your own home. However, the Social Security Administration still needs certain documents, which you can either mail or take to your area Social Security office in Tennessee. What types of documents might it be good to have on hand?


First, it is important to have certain identification information on hand, such as your birth certificate and your Social Security number. If you have been in the military, information about your service may be needed. If someone is familiar with you and can provide you with help during the application process, the SSA may need that person’s name and contact information. In addition, if you want your payments to be made by direct deposit, the SSA will need your bank account information.


The SSA may also need information regarding your finances. For example, the SSA may need certain tax information such as your most recent W-2, or if you are self-employed, your most recent Schedule C and 1040. The SSA may also need to know what jobs you worked and when, for the past 15 years. If you have ever filed for workers’ compensation benefits, you may need to supply this information as well.


The SSA may also need documents related to your medical condition. They may need the contact information for any medical professionals who have provided you with treatment for your injury or illness. If you have had any medical tests performed, information about these tests may also be necessary, as may the names of any medication you take along with the medical professional who prescribed them. If there are any other documents regarding your medical condition, the SSA may also require those as well.


These are only some documents that the SSA may ask for when it comes to applying for benefits, and this post cannot provide all the information needed to apply for benefits. An experienced attorney can help applicants in the Knoxville area ensure that their application is as complete as possible and includes all necessary documentation.

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