VA Impairment Rating: Legal Definition

The VA impairment rating is a number assigned by VA to disability benefit recipients. It is based on how severe The United States Department of Veterans Affairs believes your disability is and how much it impacts your ability to work and sustain meaningful, gainful activity.

Why is your VA impairment rating so important? Because it determines your level of monthly VA disability compensation — and the range is vast, starting at less than $200 per month and topping out at just over $3,000 per month, as of 2018.

A VA disability lawyer can work with you to put together the strongest possible VA disability claim, resulting in the highest possible impairment rating and compensation.

How Does VA Assign Impairment Ratings?

When you submit your application for VA disability benefits, it is reviewed by a VA representative. The reviewer’s first objective is to determine whether you qualify for VA disability. If they decide you do, their next job is to evaluate your medical evidence and assign you a VA impairment rating.

To provide a rating, the reviewer compares your diagnosis, medical records, and lab test results to the listing for your condition in the VA’s handbook. Under each listed condition, a set of criteria lays out what it takes to receive a VA impairment rating at each level. The more severe your condition, and the more it impacts your ability to work and carry out daily living activities, the higher the impairment rating it receives.

How Does Your VA Impairment Rating Affect Your Disability Compensation?

Your VA impairment rating determines how much you receive in disability compensation. The rating scale runs from 0% to 100%. With a 0% rating, you are not eligible for monthly compensation, but you can receive free VA healthcare. A rating of 100% signifies full disability and qualifies you for the maximum compensation.

Here is the VA impairment rating scale for single veterans with corresponding benefit amounts, as of 2018:

  • 10% rating: $140.05 per month    
  • 20% rating: $276.84 per month    
  • 30% rating: $428.83 per month    
  • 40% rating: $617.73 per month    
  • 50% rating: $879.36 per month    
  • 60% rating: $1,113.86 per month    
  • 70% rating: $1,403.71 per month    
  • 80% rating: $1,631.69 per month    
  • 90% rating: $1,833.62 per month    
  • 100% rating: $3,057.13 per month

Can You Raise Your VA Impairment Rating?

Once you receive your VA impairment rating, it is not set in stone. It can increase or decrease if your condition improves or deteriorates.

If you believe your VA impairment rating is too low and does not reflect the severity of your condition, you can petition the VA for a higher rating. To do so involves writing a letter to the VA and attaching supporting documentation proving that your condition meets the criteria for a higher rating. A VA disability lawyer can help you with this process.

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